Why You Should Consider Removing Your Underground Storage Tank

Most underground home heating oil tanks are the same type of tank found in basements or garages. These tanks were actually not designed to be buried and are susceptible to rust and leaking issues. There are tanks that are designed to be placed underground, but they too can rust and leak if they were not treated with the proper corrosion protection. These tanks were not built to last forever and will eventually leak.

Signs that your underground tank might be leaking is a sharp increase in your home’s heating consumption. This, however, isn’t sufficient enough information because your oil tank may have a leak during a period of time when you necessarily might not be using oil to heat your home. The chances of your oil tank leaking only increase over time. Even the smallest leak can pose a threat to your home and environment. If your oil tank is leaking, the cleanup can be every costly. Having your underground oil tank removed can save you money in the long run.

The cost of removing an oil tank varies, depending on the size of the tank, its condition, and how easily it can be reached. For the best price, shop around and compare prices for different oil companies. Cost estimates can be made to determine the total cost of oil tank removal and how much a new tank will cost including landscaping cost and testing cost. Make sure to have a written estimate of how much the cost of the oil tank removal will before proceeding with the project.